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The guests of the Resort have an even broader choice of dining.

A great opportunity to taste the best of the Roman tradition and the Neapolitan art of master pizza makers in a completely new guise. A popular cuisine elevated by great attention to detail and respect for seasonal variety and freshness; interpreted in the light of a long experience in the world of taste.

Trattoria Pizzeria

Only for the guests of the Resort, intimate culinary excellence.

In the Roman world, the “Trattoria” has always been more than just a restaurant, it’s also about welcome and hospitality and a family ambiance. Like being at home, away from home. Likewise, the traditional Neapolitan pizza has become, first across Italy and then throughout the world, the universal symbol of the Italian feeling of belonging and authenticity. This is why the trattoria and the pizzeria take pride of place within the Resort. So that our guests can experience that domestic warmth in its most refined and intimate form.

trattoria romana antonello colonna

Traditional cuisine is… art, history and science.

Colonna’s traditional Roman cuisine has two major roots: a profound respect for tradition and for the culture of local and seasonal food, and the spirit of research, in food science and culinary experimentation.

The same approach is applied to the art of pizza making: the Resort team, featuring the well-known pizza chef Guglielmo Vuolo, kneads and bakes every day according to the dictates of the finest Neapolitan school.

No concessions are made to fads or trends: only the natural authenticity of the ingredients and recipes underpin a degree of conscious innovation. The art of taste; the history of taste; the science of nutrition.