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Spa Area

A voyage within ourselves to rediscover our well-being naturally. the spontaneity of the landscape and the genuineness of the food accompany us through the spa where we enjoy the many treatments.

Our Spa

Salus per aquam in Latin—health through water. The springs that provide water to Valle Fredda date at least back to the ancient Romans. The emperor Alexander Severus used them for thermal cures there. The ruins of the cisterns known today as Grotta Mamea, or Mamosa, take their name from his mother, Julia Mamaea. From detoxification to relaxation, everything is dedicated to the regeneration of the body.
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Relax per mente e corpo

A fantastic voyage with techniques and natural products ably used by expert hands, from steam baths to the Turkish ritual of the hammam massage with Aleppo soap, from face packs of goat’s milk ricotta and acacia honey to herbal bundles of linen and hemp to face treatments with Valle Fredda clay, and finally some well-earned relaxation in front of the fireplace.

  •  Outdoor pool
  •  Indoor thermal pool heated to 32°C (90°F)
  •  Finnish sauna
  •  Turkish bath
  •  frigidarium
  •  emotional showers with aroma and colour therarpy
  •  hammam massage
  •  single and double rooms for face and body treatments
  •  relaxation room with fireplace

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Access to the Spa with wellnesspath: internal pool with heated oligomineral  water (low mineral content) and massaging water jets, finnish sauna, steam room, frigidarium, emotional showers.