The latest creation of the Chef Antonello Colonna at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport, with a surface of 240 square meters for 70 seats and inside, a 30-seater lounge with open-plan kitchen because it is on the go, even at the airport , because quality begins with a precise thought: to rediscover everywhere your identity – said the Chef Column – we make it accessible to everyone, travelers and the 40,000 daily workers at the airport, a starry gourmet, affordable cost. An ideal place for business lunches and “city meetings” at the airport for companies. There will also be tastings, fast courses and training.




“The kitchen – again – is an industry that needs to be supported and supported alongside the defense of the territory. An intellectual reservoir, a challenge for all of us. You should do wars with food. There would not be deaths and falls – concludes Chef Column – But a wonderful readiness to dialogue and confrontation. ”




“I feel like those ‘old’ songwriters who during their concerts record their successful hits. It will be so in my “bistro” too. Bucatini cacio & pepe, stuffed with champagne, the ‘negative’ of carbonara, butter and ale, bacon of piglet, spelled and renette apples, tripe ravioli, rolls of roasted peppers, anchovies and goat cheese …
“In the end,” jokes Antonello Colonna, “I feel like a great fashion mansion, the labels do not send the dresses that have made them famous in the attic. Like my meals. Often my customers come back to taste and smash them. ”


Antonello Colonna Open Bistro’- Menu