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“I believe that in the kitchen originality is of primary importance. This can be a subtle way to state that cooking is science and art, blessed art whose preservation is a perpetual revolution, which is preserved by being destroyed.”
Antonello Colonna


The menu is cucina creativa with full respect for tradition, and it always amazes. A cuisine in which what is Roman is paired with what is modern, tradition with internationality, and always satisfying to all the senses.

Romanità, or ‘Romanness’”, the chef stresses, “lies in my wish to use my dishes to transmit the emotion of lost or forgotten things, of the old scents and flavours. Internationality, on the other hand, is research, the knowledge, the curiosity, and the anarchy, the capacity to open oneself to the new while remaining true to who one is. Rome is in my ingredients; internationality lies in that alchemy that comes from research”.



The cellar is filled with Italian and international labels catalogued geographically. Thanks to Colonna’s attention to the territory, there is also a list of wines selected from the Lazio region’s best.



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Tuesday – Saturday after 19,00