Yet another success at Open Colonna: Chef Antonello Colonna opens the doors of his culinary kingdom to the first “Franciacorta in Roma” award. An evening characterized by excellence: the Consortium Franciacorta has rewarded Italian excellence in the world and, to do so, relied on the exclusive culinary art of one name, Antonello Colonna, who has enhanced the prestige of Italy in the world. Open Colonna, for the occasion, necessarily dressed in red and white, Antonello Colonna’s colours: red poufs and vases of delicate red roses were spots of energy against the purity of the white. A voyage inside the flavours was proposed by the creativity of a great Chef: five islands of taste, five magic unions of culinary elaboration and five superb wines—Franciacorta Brut, Satèn, Pas Dosé, Rosé, and Riserva—framed an evening of elegance. The writer Roy Doliner, a scholar of languages, comparative religions, and history of art honoured the Chef with an inscribed copy of his latest book, “Disegno Segreto”, which contains his person thanks to the Chef. To appreciate the excellent cuisine completed by the excellence of Franciacorta were luminaries from the top rungs of Italian business, arts, fashion, and more, including Remo Girone, Catherine Spaak, Laura Biagiotti, Carlo Rossella, Cristina Chiabotto, Massimo Dapporto, Pamela Prati, Bruno Vespa, Franco Maria Ricci, and Marcello Lippi. A unique evening, a triumph of Italian excellence and a most excellent host.