History and tradition, experimentation and creativity, harmony of ingredients and focus on flavours. These are the main features of the last menu of the starry restaurant Antonello Colonna Open in Rome. In addition to the inevitable dishes signed by Chef Colonna, the new menu presents many new features, which are the result of a continuous research fostering the concept of a genuine cooking faithful to herself and connected to the territory, to its history and identity.

 “Presenting these new recipes, I would like to underline that my cooking will not change neither in style nor in concept, -explains Antonello Colonna-. All my new creations will never be the result of trends; trends are not my story, they are not the story of my family and of my food. Nowadays we tend to create dishes that have a geometric aspect, without personality and without any connection or harmony behind the used ingredients. The customer who tastes these kind of dishes fails in reaching the reason why the dish has been created, the inspiration. You have to imagine a dish and to study it and in order to establish an interaction between the dish and the customer who has to grasp its core. During the first bite he will taste the feelings and emotions that guided me while creating it. The second will convince him, the third and the fourth will be a confirmation“.

The new Gourmet Restaurant menu, which shares its space with the City Lunch and Brunch of the Open at the last floor of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, bring together 30 years of Chef’s activities. A way of cooking that first starts from the family tavern flavours and perfumes and then is influenced by a baggage collected in a lifetime of learning experiences in the greatest restaurants of the most important world capitals, to be completed with research and testing, basic ingredients in the kitchen of a prestigious restaurant.

From one side, the new recipes, which are the result of a collaboration with the executive chef Fabrizio Romualdo, approach the high-level international cuisines, most notably the French, but from the other side they remain faithful to Chef Colonna philosophy. A philosophy based on the emotion of forgotten or even lost things, made of perfumes and flavours of the Roman-Latium tradition, but always speaking an original language and persuading the customer at every bite: “I define my recipes ‘the test of regret’: while testing my recipes, a guest doesn’t have to regret a dish he has already tasted. My aim is to make him forget grandma’s meatballs or chicken with peppers bringing him discovering my recipe, my interpretation. Yes, I do not reinterpret. I interpret”.

Therefore, you just have to try it, every evening from Tuesday to Saturday, after 19:30

© Veronica Pontecorvo Photography All Rights Reserved.

© Veronica Pontecorvo PhotographyAll Rights Reserved.



photo credits: Veronica Pontecorvo