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Open Bistrò Roma Termini

This welcome addition to the new retail and transport hub of Roma Termini, a successful makeover from simple railway terminus to epicentre of travel and socialising, offers a gourmet alternative to ubiquitous fast-food outlets and reflects a new way of experiencing the station, as no longer just a place to go to to catch a train to somewhere else but a place to stop and stay in, in its own right.

The menu is a showcase of quality Roman cuisine, able to satisfy all palates and food needs. A delicious cuisine to savour, an opportunity to travel through the gastronomic traditions of Rome and its surrounding region.


Quality cuisine at Termini Station

Open Bistrò offers a rich and varied à la carte menu. Alongside solid substantial Roman fare (in the “Romanissimi” section) there is space for new culinary trends shaped by changing lifestyles. So, besides traditional first courses, second courses and soups there is also a selection of salads, desserts and meat- or fish-free dishes.

A vibrant and diverse food experience. Hearty and authentic but also sophisticated and unexpected, yet always ensuring the highest standards of quality, which is the hallmark the Chef Colonna.

A quality meal in an extraordinary location

Our Bistrot, which seats about 120, is accessible from the brand new Terrazza Termini food court and lounge area and is dominated inside by the monumental brick vaulting of the Mazzoniana Wing of the Station (on the Via Giolitti side). A location of great architectural beauty, further enhanced by the monumental street lamps designed in 2000 by Alessandro Mendini.

A bright and airy environment with rationalist details and a large open kitchen, plus a democratic style making a quality meal in an extraordinary location affordable.

The best food traditions served in an elegant station penthouse.

Quality springs from rediscovering one's identity wherever you are.

Open Colonna Bistrò

In my bistro I feel like a singer on tour receiving repeated requests from the audience to sing all the classic hits! Bucatini cacio&pepe with a dash of champagne at the end, the ‘negative’ carbonara, butter and anchovies, suckling pig bacon, spelt and rennet apples, tripe ravioli, roast pepper rolls, anchovies and goat cheese… or a high-fashion designer who clings on to his signature style that helped secure his celebrity status. My dishes are the same. Often my customers come back time and time again to enjoy them”.

Antonello Colonna

Food &Lounge Terrazza Termini

Via Giolitti 4 - Binario 24 stazione Termini


Everyday 11.30 - 16.00

Lounch Aperitif

Everyday 16.00 - 21.00



+39 06 48070684

Food &Lounge Terrazza Termini

Via Giolitti 4 – Binario 24 stazione Termini


11.30 – 16.00 : Restaurant

16.00 – 21.00 – Lounch Aperitif


+39 06 48070684