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inauguration ope bistrò fiumicino

Chef Patron Antonello Colonna  presents his new “Antonello Colonna Open Bistrō” at Fiumicino Airport – Terminal 1, Departure Area B 7.

Renewed in the concept, the restaurant adds the menu à la carte to the “Open Food” formula to ensure the dynamism and flexibility of the offer based on the time travellers departing for Schengen destinations have at their disposal. With the Open Bistrò restaurant ,a new location is now available also for breakfasts and business meetings, offering  high-level cuisine.

The opening of “Antonello Colonna Open Bistrō” represents a further step forward in the field of food and wine offer of the airport, hosting a total of 14 restaurants, two of starred chefs, wine bars, 1 fast food, 4 pizzerias, 3 ice-cream parlours and 23 snack bars. This is a diversified offer, to suit every budget  and for a range of different prices, covering an area of ​​over 14,000 square feet dedicated to food. Leonardo da Vinci’s travellers can now take advantage of the new Menu à la Carte: this is also an ideal format for frequent flyers who often travel to the B embarkation area for work commitments. With the Open Bistrō restaurant, they now have a new location where they can also organize breakfasts and business meetings offering  high-quality cuisine.


The main innovation of the restaurant, in fact, concerns the exclusive 30-seat seating area with open kitchen and the possibility of ordering à la Carte, in addition to  the space where you can instead taste a full “Open Food” buffet: an idea of ​​fast lunch successfully developed by the Chef at “Antonello Colonna Open” ,Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome. The total area extends over an area of ​​240 square meters with 70 total seats.


“It will be a tangible evidence to show that quality can be offered anywhere because quality starts from a precise thought:  rediscovering  your identity everywhere” ,said the starred Chef, Antonello Colonna.

Cristian Biasoni, Chief Executive Officer of Chef Express, stressed that “our collaboration with Antonello Colonna has been going on for a long time and has been a trailblazer for the development of top-level dining at Fiumicino Airport. With Antonello we managed to create a place worthy of the great Italian culinary tradition: thanks to the exclusive menu designed by the chef, travellers can taste typical dishes of our country, now also choosing between a buffet or a “menu à la carte .