An encounter almost by chance: the one between Antonello Colonna and the Torpedino tomato from Fondi,thanks to Mariano Di Vito. An encounter that led to a story made of excellence,taste and patriotism; let’s give you a quick taste of that.

The Torpedino is a tomato variety that comes from field crossing between the Camone tomato and the San Marzano, but preserves the best characteristics of the famous parents: it can be eaten when still green with a zesty taste, or sweet when perfectly mature. After appreciating the quality of it, and after the first seeding happened last year at the Resort in Labico, Chef Colonna met this morning Mariano Di Vito, Carlo di Crocco e Roberto Petrillo, to plant the 1000 Torpedino seedling thatare going to represent on of the colors on the Chef’s palette.

The Torpedino is the first tomato branded”Lazio”, this is why it talks about territory; it’s cultivated respecting work ethic, so it also talk about passion and belief. For all of this and it’s unique taste, the Torpedino marries perfectly Chef Colonna’s filosophy

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