COLORFOOD @ EXPO2015: da Tel Aviv a Vallefredda

Photographic Exhibition “Tra Arte e Food”, 23–24 March at Antonello Colonna Resort, Labico

The photography show, conceived and curated by the Israeli food photographer DAN LEV, uses food to recount the creativity of chefs, thanks to the inspiration, the colour, the ingredients that best represent them. The aim of Colorfood is to represent, through images, the creative process hidden behind each dish: the inspiration, the experimentation, the mixing, but also the tastings, the mise en place, and finally that finishing touch that reveals a memory, a concept, an attachment to one’s own territory. So where does a dish come from? Often from memories, from home territory, and sometimes even from colours. Colour, as source of inspiration, as transmitter of desires, emotions, fantasies, and memories, is the key to the creative world of the chef. Colorfood is thus an encounter: in the house of a cook, of a chef, of a farmer-chef, with colleagues, friends, food researchers, with a common project for Expo 2015, to demonstrate that cooks are, above all, artists. COLORFOOD @ EXPO2015, an idea of the Studio Dan Lev (Israel) with the Creativity Lab ICPO (Italia / Israel), begins Sunday 23 March 2014, in co-production with the Antonello Colonna Resort & Spa at Valle Fredda and Food Confidential, thanks to the participation of seven Italian chefs: FRANCESCO APREDA, HEINZ BECK, CRISTINA BOWERMAN, FRANCESCA CASTIGLIANI, ANTONELLO COLONNA, BONETTA DELL’OGLIO, LUIGI TAGLIENTI.