Ladies of Cocoa


The Chef Antonello Colonna, the photographer Veronica Adriani, and Oxfam Italia together for an evening of “good” chocolate—for those who produce it and for those who consume it. Thursday, 2 May, at 7.30 p.m. at Open Colonna, Rome, Antonello Colonna Arte, in collaboration with the Restart association and with the participation of Oxfam Italia, inaugurates “Ladies of Cocoa – Chuao, Venezuela”, a preview of the photography show curated by Veronica Adriani that will be installed at the Antonello Colonna Resort, Valle Fredda, Labico. The initiative was made possible thanks to the support of Cacao Crudo by loverdiana, Fondazione Amica, and Federconsumatori. Antonello Colonna, who cares about those who work the land and supply chain of the products he uses in his culinary creations, gives voice to the “Ladies of Cocoa”, to transmit a message from distant places but near for each of us. A projection of the photographs will illustrate the story of the women who work on the Chuao (Venezuela) cacao plantation. An intervention of the non-profit association Oxfam Italia, active in the fight against poverty and for human rights in Italy and the world, will focus attention on the theme “Discover the brand”. Thanks to this collaboration, the images of the “Ladies of Cocoa” show will be included in a broader panorama, a global action to ask the big chocolate companies to safeguard the rights and equal opportunity of the female workers of the production chain from cacao to the food of the gods. The women workers of Venezuela, like those of Ivory Coast, are all seeking an identity and recognition of their rights. The photographs projected at the preview at Open Colonna will later be visible in the exhibition room at the Valle Fredda Resort, where the Chef has dedicated a new space to the experimental working of raw chocolate (worked cold in all phases) curated by Daniele Dell’Orco, young artisan/entrepreneur. The photos will be sold and a part of the proceeds will be donated to the projects and campaigns of Oxfam Italia.